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Battle Bots
Battle Bots 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
After nuclear warfare has decimated Earth, tyrants using service robots to enslave the population are met with a rebellion.
Genre: Sci-fi
Assassins Revenge
Assassins Revenge 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
The skyscrapers of New York glisten like golden lights on an Xmas tree, but all is not well in the city and violent corruption runs amok. After a high speed chase through the city streets ...
Genre: Sci-fi
The Fitzroy
The Fitzroy 2015
IMDb N/A/10 min
The Fitzroy is a live action black comedy set in an alternative post-apocalyptic 1950s. The world is covered in poisonous gas, and the last place for a traditional seaside holiday is The ...
Genre: Comedy,Sci-fi
Solis 2017
IMDb N/A/10 min
When Troy Holloway wakes up to find himself trapped aboard a drifting escape pod shooting towards the Sun he quickly realises the true terror of his situation. With rapid oxygen depletion ...
Genre: Sci-fi
Illang: The Wolf Brigade
Illang: The Wolf Brigade 2018
IMDb 5.5/10 min
Director Kim Jee-woon's next feature film based on the original feature animation; Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (1999).
Genre: Action,Sci-fi
The Matt Preston Files
The Matt Preston Files 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
British style X files A Ghost hunter group inadvertently release a demon Government agent Matt Preston arrives to help them.
The Thinning: New World Order
The Thinning: New World Order 2018
IMDb 3.7/10 min
After risking her life to expose the corruption of the thinning test, Laina Michaels becomes the target of Governor Redding's Machiavellian presidential campaign. Blake Redding, trapped and...
Await Further Instructions
Await Further Instructions 2018
IMDb 6.1/10 min
It's Christmas Day and the Milgram family wake to find a mysterious black substance surrounding their house. Something monumental is clearly happening right outside their door, but what ...
Alterscape 2018
IMDb 4.5/10 min
After a failed suicide attempt, a young man coping with loss and depression, submits to a series of trials that fine-tune human emotions, but his unique reaction to the tests send him on a ...
F.R.E.D.I. 2017
IMDb N/A/10 min
An intelligent, lovable robot known as "F.R.E.D.I." is stolen from a secret research facility by the projects lead scientist. The robot is found by a 15 year old teenager, James. Soon the ...
Genre: Family,Sci-fi
6-Headed Shark Attack
6-Headed Shark Attack 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Attendees of a marriage boot camp on a remote island have to fight a 6-headed shark that attacks the beach.
Alien Expedition
Alien Expedition 2018
IMDb 3.3/10 min
After a deep space exploration vessel discovers a potentially habitable planet, a scouting team composed of human and biorobotic individuals is dispatched to investigate the planet's ...
Genre: Sci-fi
Near Extinction: Shangri-La
Near Extinction: Shangri-La 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Genre: Sci-fi
Venom 2018
IMDb 7.1/10 min
When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego "Venom" to save his life.
Alien Surveillance
Alien Surveillance 2018
IMDb 2.5/10 min
An alien invasion is caught in the surveillance cameras of an office building during a weekend work party.
Sorry to Bother You
Sorry to Bother You 2018
IMDb 7.4/10 min
In an alternate present-day version of Oakland, telemarketer Cassius Green discovers a magical key to professional success, propelling him into a universe of greed.
Black Lightning
Black Lightning 2018
IMDb 6.5/10 min
A crusading school principal gets back into action as the original African-American electrical superhero.
Mad World
Mad World 2018
IMDb 2.9/10 min
It is the year 2037. Our world is dying, slowly, from a virus that has rendered mankind infertile. Not a single child has been born in 25 years. Governments are now powerless puppets for ...
Genre: Action,Sci-fi
Just a Breath Away
Just a Breath Away 2018
IMDb 6.0/10 min
A family attempts to survive a massive catastrophe in Paris.
Genre: Sci-fi
Before We Vanish
Before We Vanish 2017
IMDb 6.0/10 min
Three aliens travel to Earth in preparation for a mass invasion, taking possession of human bodies.
Genre: Drama,Sci-fi
Altered Perception
Altered Perception 2017
IMDb 3.9/10 min
A drug that alters perceptions during trauma and stress, is being advertised as a cure for socio-political tensions. Several couples volunteer for human trials but end up with more than they bargained for.
Maniac 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Two strangers are drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that will, they're assured, with no complications or side-effects whatsoever, solve all of their problems, permanently. Things do not go as planned.
Three Worlds
Three Worlds 2015
IMDb N/A/10 min
Genre: Sci-fi
I Think We're Alone Now
I Think We're Alone Now 2018
IMDb 6.1/10 min
The apocalypse proves a blessing in disguise for one lucky recluse -- until a second survivor arrives with the threat of companionship.
Genre: Drama,Sci-fi
The First
The First 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Fictional series to chronicle the effort to send the first crewed mission to Mars.
Genre: Drama,Sci-fi
The Endless
The Endless 2017
IMDb 6.5/10 min
Two brothers return to the cult they fled from years ago to discover that the group's beliefs may be more sane than they once thought.
Torrent 2016
IMDb N/A/10 min
Since our country's inception, there has always been some sort of struggle between the government and its people. More recently our government has had its hands full with information leaks,...
Genre: Sci-fi
Alien Predator
Alien Predator 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Genre: Sci-fi
Black Wake
Black Wake 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Specialists gather in a top-secret facility to investigate a series of strange deaths on beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. One of the team's scientists (Nana Gouvea) examines video evidence...
The Purge
The Purge 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Set in an altered United States, several unrelated people discover how far they will go to survive a night where all crime is legal for 12 hours.
Kin 2018
IMDb 5.7/10 min
Chased by a vengeful criminal, the feds and a gang of otherworldly soldiers, a recently released ex-con and his adopted teenage brother are forced to go on the run with a weapon of mysterious origin as their only protection.
Genre: Action,Sci-fi
The Dawnseeker
The Dawnseeker 2018
IMDb 8.4/10 min
Set in the year 2245 when Earth's sun threatens to wipe out all of humanity, "The Dawnseeker" follows five hired mercenaries who travel to an uncharted planet to collect a rare mineral ...
Genre: Sci-fi
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