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Kronk's New Groove
Kronk's New Groove 2005
IMDb 5.9/10 min
Kronk cooks up a get-rich-quick scheme to impress his Dad, whom he can never please. But when things go wrong, Kronk kicks into comical gear and discovers the true riches in life are his friends and being "true to your groove."
Romance & Cigarettes
Romance & Cigarettes 2005
IMDb 6.3/10 min
A down-and-dirty musical set in the world of working-class New York, tells a story of a husband's journey into infidelity and redemption when he must choose between his seductive mistress and his beleaguered wife.
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny 2006
IMDb 6.8/10 min
In Venice Beach, naive Midwesterner JB bonds with local slacker KG and they form the rock band Tenacious D. Setting out to become the world's greatest band is no easy feat, so they set out to steal what could be the answer to their prayers -- a magical guitar pick housed in a rock-and-roll museum some 300 miles away.
Bride & Prejudice
Bride & Prejudice 2004
IMDb 6.2/10 min
Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice gets a Bollywood treatment.
The Cheetah Girls
The Cheetah Girls 2003
IMDb 4.7/10 min
Four teens aim to take the world by storm with their music.
Rugrats Go Wild
Rugrats Go Wild 2003
IMDb 5.6/10 min
The Rugrats get tangled in an exotic adventure, where they're helped by the Thornberrys, a family that travels the world making nature documentaries.
Rent 2005
IMDb 7/10 min
This is the film version of the Pulitzer and Tony Award winning musical about Bohemians in the East Village of New York City struggling with life, love and AIDS, and the impacts they have on America.
Barbie in the Nutcracker
Barbie in the Nutcracker 2001
IMDb 6.1/10 min
Barbie shows that if you are kind, clever and brave, anything is possible in this tale of Clara and her amazing Nutcracker, who set off on an adventure to find the Sugarplum Princess.
Mulan II
Mulan II 2004
IMDb 5.7/10 min
While preparing for their wedding, Shang and Mulan are suddenly sent off on a secret mission. Mushu starts to meddle, and a surprise attack by Mongolians doesn't help either.
The Country Bears
The Country Bears 2002
IMDb 4/10 min
Based on an attraction at Disneyland, the Country Bear Jamboree, "The Country Bears" (2002) is one in a long line of live action Disney family films...
Eight Crazy Nights
Eight Crazy Nights 2002
IMDb 5.4/10 min
Davey Stone, an alcoholic with a criminal record, is sentenced to community service under the supervision of an elderly referee. Davey is then faced with trying to reform and abandon his bad habits.
Joseph: King of Dreams
Joseph: King of Dreams 2000
IMDb 6.5/10 min
When Joseph receives a beautiful coat from his parents, his eleven brothers hate him even more and are...
Devdas 2002
IMDb 7.6/10 min
After his wealthy family prohibits him from marrying the woman he is in love with, Devdas Mukherjee's life spirals further and further out of control as he takes up alcohol and a life of vice to numb the pain.
Pootie Tang
Pootie Tang 2001
IMDb 5.2/10 min
Pootie Tang, the musician/actor/folk hero of the ghetto, is chronicled from his early childhood to his battles against the evil Corporate America...
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II 2002
IMDb 4.8/10 min
Quasimodo goes into action when a magician seeks to steal one of the bells of Notre Dame.
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... 2001
IMDb 7.5/10 min
Yashvardhan Raichand lives a very wealthy lifestyle along with his wife, Nandini, and two sons, Rahul and Rohan...
The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea
The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea 2000
IMDb 5.6/10 min
To protect her from a sea witch, Ariel's daughter is not allowed in the ocean; but when she becomes 12, she runs away to an adventure under the sea.
Snow White and the Magic Mirror
Snow White and the Magic Mirror 1994
IMDb 7/10 min
In this comedic take on Snow White, the vain queen, jealous of Snow White's beauty, tries to kill her multiple times. A band of dwarfs, all spoofs of famous comedians, takes her in to protect her.
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 1998
IMDb 7.8/10 min
During their college years, Anjali was in love with her best-friend Rahul, but he had eyes only for Tina. Years later, Rahul and the now-deceased Tina's eight-year-old daughter attempts to reunite her father and Anjali.
Dancer in the Dark
Dancer in the Dark 2000
IMDb 8/10 min
An east European girl goes to America with her young son, expecting it to be like a Hollywood film.
Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish
Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish 1999
IMDb 7.2/10 min
The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) go on a quest to find a fallen wishing star.
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland 1999
IMDb 5.8/10 min
A tug-of-war between Elmo and his friend sends his blanket to faraway Grouchland, a place full of grouchy creatures and the villainous Huxley. Elmo embarks on a rescue mission, learning important lessons about sharing and responsibility.
Topsy-Turvy 1999
IMDb 7.4/10 min
After Gilbert and Sullivan's latest play is critically panned, the frustrated team threatens to disband until it is inspired to write the masterpiece "The Mikado".
Annabelle's Wish
Annabelle's Wish 1997
IMDb 7.1/10 min
A mute boy and a calf with the ability to speak form a deep friendship, learning what it means to love and sacrifice for another.
Cinderella 1957
IMDb 7.8/10 min
The first of three TV versions of the classic fairy tale that featured a Rodgers and Hammerstein score.
Cinderella 1997
IMDb 6.5/10 min
Updated version of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical of the classic fairy-tale, with an all-star, multi-racial cast.
The Prince of Egypt
The Prince of Egypt 1998
IMDb 7/10 min
An Egyptian prince learns of his identity as a Hebrew, and later, his destiny to become the chosen deliverer of his people.
Cats Don't Dance
Cats Don't Dance 1997
IMDb 6.9/10 min
Danny, an ambitious singing/dancing cat, goes to Hollywood and overcomes several obstacles to fulfill his dream of becoming a movie star.
Anastasia 1997
IMDb 7.1/10 min
The last surviving child of the Russian Royal Family joins two con men to reunite with her grandmother, the Dowager Empress, while the undead Rasputin seeks her death.
Blues Brothers 2000
Blues Brothers 2000 1998
IMDb 4.8/10 min
Elwood must reunite the old band, with a few new members, and go on another "Mission from God."
Muppet Treasure Island
Muppet Treasure Island 1996
IMDb 6.9/10 min
The Muppets' twist on the classic tale.
James and the Giant Peach
James and the Giant Peach 1996
IMDb 6.7/10 min
An orphan, who lives with his two cruel aunts, befriends anthropomorphic bugs who live inside a giant peach, and they embark on a journey to New York City.
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