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City of Lies
City of Lies 2019
IMDb N/A/10 min
Russell Poole and Jack Jackson investigate the murders of rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur.
Hotel Mumbai
Hotel Mumbai 2018
IMDb 7.8/10 min
The true story of the Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai. Hotel staff risk their lives to keep everyone safe as people make unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and their families.
Tempting Fate
Tempting Fate 2019
IMDb 5.6/10 min
Genre: Drama
Goalie 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Genre: Drama
The Lumber Baron
The Lumber Baron 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Upon the unexpected death of his father, Daniel Rimsdale leaves medical school and returns home to the Chippewa Valley to try to salvage the floundering family lumber business and save his ...
Genre: Drama
Ovum 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
A woman must make a hard choice after a mind bending procedure.
Trinkets 2019
IMDb N/A/10 min
An unexpected friendship forms when three teenage girls meet in Shoplifter's Anonymous.
Genre: Drama
Too Old to Die Young
Too Old to Die Young 2019
IMDb N/A/10 min
Explores the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles, following characters' existential journeys from killers to samurais.
Genre: Crime,Drama
Milan Talkies
Milan Talkies 2019
IMDb 4.8/10 min
An aspiring filmmaker and his lady-love find themselves in a fix after being met with violent opposition from the girl`s family members.
Genre: Drama
Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery 2019
IMDb N/A/10 min
A New York cop and his wife go on a European vacation to reinvigorate the spark in their marriage, but end up getting framed and on the run for the death of an elderly billionaire.
Submission 2019
IMDb N/A/10 min
After two marines make it home following an ISIS interrogation, one struggles to survive while the other fights his way back into the mixed martial arts world that he left behind years ago... looking for a fight worth living for.
Genre: Drama,Sport
Saving Flora
Saving Flora 2017
IMDb N/A/10 min
Flora is a circus elephant who has grown too old to perform her tricks. Seventeen-year-old Dawn, daughter of the circus owner, Henry, is deeply attached to Flora. Dawn discovers an elephant...
Genre: Drama
Ray & Liz
Ray & Liz 2018
IMDb 6.9/10 min
Photographer Richard Billingham returns to the squalid council flat outside of Birmingham where he and his brother were raised, in a confrontation and reconciliation with parents Ray and Liz.
Genre: Drama
Plus One
Plus One 2019
IMDb N/A/10 min
In order to survive a summer of wedding fever, longtime single friends, Ben and Alice, agree to be each other's plus one at every wedding they've been invited to.
Krypton 2018
IMDb 7.1/10 min
The untold story of Superman's grandfather as he fights for justice on his home planet.
Pose 2018
IMDb 8.5/10 min
Pose is set in the world of 1987 and "looks at the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the rise of the luxury universe, the downtown social and literary scene and the ball culture world."
Genre: Drama
The Last Dance
The Last Dance 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
In the not-too-distant future, a lonely old man works on a mysterious project, hoping to relive the not-too-distant past.
The Aftermath
The Aftermath 2019
IMDb 6.3/10 min
Post World War II, a British colonel and his wife are assigned to live in Hamburg during the post-war reconstruction, but tensions arise with the German who previously owned the house.
Lo spietato
Lo spietato 2019
IMDb 5.8/10 min
A rebellious teen grows up to become one of Milan's most ambitious criminals during the golden years of the 'ndrangheta Mafia in the 1980s.
Genre: Crime,Drama
3% 2016
IMDb 7.5/10 min
A thriller set in a world sharply divided between progress and devastation, where people are given the chance to make it to the "better side" but only 3% of the candidates succeed.
Elisa y Marcela
Elisa y Marcela 2019
IMDb N/A/10 min
The first same-sex marriage in Spain to take place after the Roman Imperial era occurred on 8 June 1901. Two women, Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sanchez Loriga, attempted to get married ...
Changeland 2019
IMDb N/A/10 min
While visiting Thailand, two estranged friends realize there's no rule book for finding purpose and meaning in life.
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Mapplethorpe 2018
IMDb 6.3/10 min
A look at the life of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe from his rise to fame in the 1970s to his untimely death in 1989.
Solace 2017
IMDb N/A/10 min
Following the death of her father, a 17-year-old girl is sent to live with her estranged family and finds comfort in a questionable friendship with a self-destructive neighbor, leading both on a startling path to self discovery.
Genre: Drama
Dead End
Dead End 2015
IMDb N/A/10 min
This is the story of a small town outside of LA where crystal meth is manufactured. A young couple struggles to get out of a life of drugs, crime and violence. Their love, strength and ...
Genre: Drama
Dazzle Beast
Dazzle Beast 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
When her mom goes missing, a teenager gifted with black magic must turn to the savage world of bounty hunting to support her little sister.
Giant Little Ones
Giant Little Ones 2018
IMDb 7.3/10 min
Two popular teen boys, best friends since childhood, discover their lives, families, and girlfriends dramatically upended after an unexpected incident occurs on the night of a 17th birthday party.
Genre: Drama
Faces 2018
IMDb N/A/10 min
Genre: Drama
Super Deluxe
Super Deluxe 2019
IMDb 8.9/10 min
An unfaithful newly-wed wife, an estranged father, a priest and an angry son suddenly find themselves in the most unexpected predicaments, each poised to experience their destiny, all on one fateful day.
Amundsen 2019
IMDb 6.9/10 min
The life story of Arctic explorer, Roald Amundsen.
Genre: Drama
Rocketman 2019
IMDb 7.7/10 min
A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.
Detainment 2018
IMDb 7.4/10 min
Two ten year-old boys are detained by police under suspicion of abducting and murdering a toddler. A true story based on interview transcripts and records from the James Bulger case, which shocked the world in 1993.
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