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Baby Bump(S)
Baby Bump(S) 2017
IMDb 5.1/10 94min
A mother and daughter with opposing points of view both become pregnant at the same time.
Genre: Comedy
Az állampolgár
Az állampolgár 2016
IMDb 7.3/10 109min
Wilson, a black man in his late fifties, has been living as a refugee in Hungary for years. He works...
Genre: Drama
First We Take Brooklyn
First We Take Brooklyn 2018
IMDb 5.4/10 n/Amin
Genre: Crime,Drama
Spider-Man: Commencement
Spider-Man: Commencement 2017
IMDb 6.4/10 n/Amin
Genre: N,A
Daddy's Home 2
Daddy's Home 2 2017
IMDb 6.2/10 100min
Having finally gotten used to each other's existence, Brad and Dusty must now deal with their intrusive fathers during the holidays.
Genre: Comedy
One day I'll become
One day I'll become 2017
IMDb 8.5/10 n/Amin
The Cage Fighter
The Cage Fighter 2017
IMDb 7.1/10 81min
A blue-collar family man breaks the promise he'd made years ago to never fight again. Now forty years old, with a wife and four children who need him, Joe Carman risks everything-his marriage, his family, his health-to go back into the fighting cage and come to terms with his past.
Tiger Zinda Hai
Tiger Zinda Hai 2017
IMDb 6.6/10 161min
A dreaded terrorist organization run by Abu Usman in Iraq held's 25 Indian nurses and 15 Pakistani nurses has hostages in a hospital. Mr Shenoy chooses Tiger for the mission whose missing since last 8 years after he fell in love with ISI agent Zoya. Tiger and Zoya are happily married with a son. Shenoy traces Tiger but he declines the mission where Zoya convinces him as he loves his country then anything else. Tiger leaves for the mission with his selected team and plan. To Tiger's surprise Zoya to reaches to save the Pakistani nurses with her team. The Raw and ISI team join hands to complete their missions by forgetting the tensions between their countries. Making it a mission of humanity. Written by [email protected]
Flatliners 2017
IMDb 4.9/10 110min
Five medical students, obsessed by what lies beyond the confines of life, embark on a daring experiment: by stopping their hearts for short periods, each triggers a near-death experience - giving them a firsthand account of the afterlife.
Dear Basketball
Dear Basketball 2017
IMDb 7.7/10 6min
On November 29, 2015 Kobe Bryant penned a letter in the Players' Tribune announcing his retirement from basketball at the end of that season. This film is the visualization of that letter, narrated by Kobe, scored by John Williams and animated by Glen Keane. Written by kbvsmj23
Mumon: The Land of Stealth
Mumon: The Land of Stealth 2017
IMDb 9/10 120min
What is the only thing that can stand in the way of a ruthless warlord after total domination of a country? Ninjas. When ninja Mumon kills another fierce ninja in order to claim a reward the repercussions are severe and involve the advancing army and the band of stealth fighters. Politics, warfare and sinister plots intertwine. Written by aghaemi
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017
IMDb 7.4/10 141min
When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, the Kingsman's journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US. These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy.
Happy Death Day
Happy Death Day 2017
IMDb 6.7/10 96min
A college student must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer's identity.
Permission 2017
IMDb 5.5/10 96min
Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc
Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc 2017
IMDb 5/10 115min
Genre: Musical
Downsizing 2017
IMDb 6/10 135min
A social satire in which a guy realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself.
Gleason 2016
IMDb 8.3/10 110min
After he is diagnosed with ALS, former professional football player Steve Gleason begins making a video diary for his unborn son, as he, his wife, and their friends and family work to raise money for ALS patients as his disease progresses.
Father Figures
Father Figures 2017
IMDb 4.9/10 113min
Genre: Comedy
The Snowman
The Snowman 2017
IMDb 5.1/10 119min
Detective Harry Hole investigates the disappearance of a woman whose scarf is found wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman.
Ridge Runners
Ridge Runners 2018
IMDb 4.5/10 81min
Buddymoon 2016
IMDb 6.4/10 80min
When a former child actor is dumped by his fiancé days before the wedding, his excitable German best man takes him on the honeymoon instead: a backcountry trek in the remote mountains of Oregon.
Genre: Comedy
De père en flic 2
De père en flic 2 2017
IMDb 7/10 0min
A few years after they infiltrated a therapy program for fathers and sons, Marc Laroche is having some issues with his girlfriend Alice and Jacques is experiencing intense denial towards the fact that he is growing older.
Genre: Comedy
Headgame 2018
IMDb n/A/10 n/Amin
Genre: Horror
The Ritual
The Ritual 2017
IMDb 6.3/10 94min
Genre: Horror
Floor 9.5
Floor 9.5 2017
IMDb 6.8/10 n/Amin
Genre: Short,Horror
Kiki, Love to Love
Kiki, Love to Love 2016
IMDb 6.7/10 102min
Through five stories, the movie addresses sex and love: Paco and Ana are a marriage looking for reactivate the passion of their sexual relations...
Genre: Comedy
Faith Under Fire
Faith Under Fire 2018
IMDb 8.6/10 85min
On August 20, 2013, shortly after arriving to work at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia, Tuff (Braxton), the school's bookkeeper, was in the front office when Michael Hill (Trevor Morgan, Abducted), a young man with a history of mental illness, snuck in armed with an AK-47 and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. As the school went into lockdown, Tuff was left alone with Hill, who repeatedly threatened to kill everyone. Showing enormous courage and empathy, along with nerves of steel, Tuff convinced the gunman to surrender by using her own life struggles to connect with him. Tuff's faith in God guided her through the toughest moments of her life, ultimately preparing her for that fateful day in Georgia. Yaya DaCosta (Whitney) portrays Kendra Hendricks, the 911 operator relaying messages to police on the scene from Tuff.
Genre: Drama
Blade Runner: Black Out 2022
Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 2017
IMDb 7.5/10 15min
In 2022, a powerful weapon causes a global blackout that has massive implications all over the world.
iGirlfriend 2017
IMDb n/A/10 85min
Genre: Comedy
My Happy Family
My Happy Family 2017
IMDb 7.6/10 120min
In a patriarchal society, an ordinary Georgian family lives with three generations under one roof. All...
Genre: Drama
American Assassin
American Assassin 2017
IMDb 6.7/10 112min
A story centered on counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp.
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight 2018
IMDb 7.4/10 78min
In an age of mystery and superstition, how would the people of Gotham react to a weird creature of the night, a bat-garbed vigilante feared by the guilty and the innocent alike? The very first Elseworlds tale re-imagines the Dark Knight detective in Victorian times and pits him against the infamous murderer Jack the Ripper.
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